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July 23, 2008


Demian Entrekin

Another way to think about this puzzle: compare the whole situation to a pipeline. What you might be after is pipeline acceleration. Or perhaps you simply want more throughput, a fatter pipe for more projects.

However, you may be concerned about focus, working only on the right things. More throughput might just create more problems, more noise.

So I boil it down to this. Do you want to accelerate the queue, do you want more throughput but not more speed, or do you want better focus. Personally, I would start with that question.

Malcolm Savage

I agree that resource management should be estimated at the project and role level. Typically the detailed resource schedule is fraught with problems, as allocating resources to individual tasks relies on accuracy across a large number of tasks, and also correctly allocating the % utilisation on each task. The alternative is the Critical Chain approach, but again I believe this is more appropriate further down the lifecycle.

Alex Lobba

Malcolm: what have you found to be the indicators that an organization is ready to go to the more detailed scheduling and tracking at the task level? Is is size of project or maturity of organization...


I was glad to read an article with a best practice that fully supports my view.

I have been doing resource management for about a year in an organization that is focussed at the schedule and task level. I feel this is inappropriate and too detailed for our level of maturity; and not necessary for effective resource managment anyway.

Focussing at the role and duration level will allow the right amount of data to make effective decisions without being too far down in the weeds.

This article will help me take my viewpoint forward.


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